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Hey, I still have a couple of adopts I'm hoping to sell, so if anyone's interested, the dogs are 7 points and the cats are 5 points each ^^'………
Sorry I'm not on, I've got camp and stuff all week. Gotta go now~
Guys, I'm sorry I haven't been on much lately. I really am. I just kinda haven't felt like talking... it's nothing personal to anyone here, it's just me. I promise, I'm not ignoring you guys, and maybe I can come back for a while. But I don't know. I'm just not the same, and I have no clue why.
Do you know how hard it is to not switch that second 2 and the 1? I want to do it so bad it hurts xD

embedded_item1496694884895 by CarsonBond007
What are some absolutely VILE foods that make you want to gag?
Such as a condiment or maybe a meat or candy? It can be anything
Guys... Sorry to bother ya. But I was wondering...
To you, what's the difference between icing and frosting?
What're your three favourite artists/bands? Or five, if you can't pick just three
Requests and art trades will have to be put off until Friday, I have to work on my moms birthday card (it's her birthday tomorrow :'D)
The birds have abandoned the nest, leaving this one egg behind...

embedded_item1496241372041 by CarsonBond007
What food combinations do you guys enjoy that others might find weird?
Soooo... a bird couple is making a nest in a helmet in our garage? They fly in and out all day, and I'm super excited cause I'll get to see the baby birds!!

embedded_item1495828028508 by CarsonBond007
Anyone up for an art trade?
(I'm still working on those requests, I promise I haven't forgotten)
Still open! You don't have to be a watcher, just tell me who/what you'd like and what number, and I'll get started!

embedded_item1493408218428 by CarsonBond007
*pulls up to a policeman walking on the sidewalk*
Shawn: Collecting donations for the Policeman's Ball?
Carlton: We don't have balls.
Shawn: I honestly have no response to that.
It can be human or animal, it can be an oc (mine or yours) or a fictional character :3

embedded_item1492975311634 by CarsonBond007
What are your pet peeves?
I really wanna know, I'm interested and bored x3
> I did warn you not to get on the plane.
>> When? How?
> When I said, 'Sometimes things happen for a reason'.
>> That's not a warning, Roy! That's like a saying on a bumper sticker. Next time, try, "June, if you get on that plane, you will f*cking die!"
Tagged by the great guy Vladynda!

A- Age: 15 years old (I'll turn 16 this Monday)
B- Biggest Fear: Heights
C- Current time: 12:03 in the afternoon
D- Drink you last had: Water!
E- Easiest Person to talk to: Wolfie4201 and Vladynda
F- Favorite Song: Chase It! or End In Tragedy (both by Set It Off)
G- Ghosts; are they real: I don't believe so, but that doesn't mean they aren't
H- Hometown: Milford, New Hampshire (USA)
I- In love With: No one at the moment
J- Jealous of: Lots.
K- Killed someone?: My ocs, yes. Multiple times in multiple ways in very painful ways. No, I'm nice I swear!
L- Last time you cried: Last night
M- Middle Name: Kinda personal
N- Number of Siblings: 3 (one bro and two sisters)
O- One Wish: I've always wanted a pet wolf
P- Person who you last called: I don't call people
Q- Question you're always asked: "Are you a boy or girl?" And "Why don't you like your art?"
R- Reason to smile?: My friends (DA and in real life), family (for the most part), my kitty Billy
S- Song last sang: "Heat of the Moment" by Asia
T- Time you woke up: 9:40 am
U- Underwear color: Grey
V- Vacation Destination: Italy
W- Worst habit: Biting my fingers
X- X-rays you've had: None (cause I'm a CAUTIOUS person) but I did stick a needle all the way through my thumb once
Y- Your favorite food: Ranch dressing
Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini

Tagging: nah, I'm not tagging anyone. If you read this, I tag you! But only if you'd like to, of course ^^


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Art Trades: OPEN
(I freaking love art trades!)
Requests: OPEN
(please, feel free to ask!)
Commisions: OPEN
(very cheap prices)
Colabs: OPEN
(I dunno how they work, but I'm happy to learn!)

My friends:
:iconvladynda: WATSA!! 🐐

Backup Account: CarsonBond006
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That's good to hear!
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